Ever Wondered What Are those White Lines on Your Smartphone? Here's the Answer

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Smartphones design has evolved a lot in recent times with several manufacturers such as Apple, Motorola, Google, HTC, Sony taking the initiatives in manufacturing a good looking smartphone.

This is What Actually the White Lines on Your Smartphone Indicates!

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The trend these days have been the unibody metal design which is becoming the next plastic thing for the smartphones. There are a lot of smartphones ranging from flagship to entry-level segment to come with the metal body.

We are speaking about only the metal bodied smartphones. But why? Because the metal body smartphones usually have stripes on their back. We don't say all of them have the stripes over the back, but most of the smartphones have that and the other metal body smartphone have this stripes along their sides.

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You might be wondering on what does these stripes indicate, right? Well, look after the sliders below to know more the white lines.

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What Actually Are Those White Lines?

The answer to this question is a simple one. The White Lines on all metal bodied smartphones are 'Antenna Bands'. Antenna Bands are the things usually the antenna in radios or other electronic devices which convert the electric power signals to radio signals and vice versa. This is bit technical. In simple words, the antenna bands are used to receive and transmit signals.

Who Started This?

Previously, there used to some other design policy where the antenna bands are not visible, however, it is worth noticing that the old age smartphones didn't use metal to build on. Instead, there are iPhones with glass on front and back.

Now, this White lines trend was started by Apple with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Soon, it was followed by other manufacturers. It is worth noticing that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were heavily criticised for their design language.


Are they harmful?

Absolutely, No. They are just antenna bands to send and receive signals. According to us, manufacturers designed in that manner to make the smartphone look better.

Followed by?

Apple always leads from the front in innovating and they are the same with this. Following the footprints of Apple, there are many manufacturers such as OnePlus, HTC, Meizu, etc who added the same design language to their smartphones. However, some of them look really good such as the OnePlus 3, Meizu MX6.

Asus Manufactured the Invisible Band Smartphone

Asus is the first manufacturer who launched a metal smartphone with invisible bands. The ZenFone 3 Series are the first smartphones in the world to launch with invisible bands even with the metal body.

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