iPhone 6 Roundup: 5 Rumors Most Likely To Come True

    It looks like Apple, who has been stubbornly refusing to go beyond a 4-inch display for its iPhones, will do things differently with the the next iteration of its popular smartphone, the iPhone 6. It will be the first handset from Apple to use a larger 4.8 inch screen, according to Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek.

    Even though the device is expected to come out only in September next year, the tech community is already excited with this news. In fact, this new rumor adds up to earlier ones which claimed that Apple was testing large-screen iPhones all the way up to 6-inches.


    If Apple is gearing up to launch larger iPhones in the near future, then the move might be aimed at competing with Samsung's mid-range and high-end handsets, most of which have screens larger than 4.5 and 5 inches. In fact, studies have shown in the past that Asian consumers prefer phones with larger screens. Why? Well, mainly because a phablet (anything above 5 inches) helps consumers use one device to satisfy many needs since they can serve as a smartphone, a multimedia device and even an e-reader.

    If Apple does in fact launch a larger screen iPhone, then the company will be going against its own handset design mantra, according to which a 4-inch screen phone is the ideal size for the human hand. With just 4-inches, Apple believes that users can enjoy convenient one-hand operation as well as enough screen real estate for a rich multimedia experience.

    What other changes will Apple make in the iPhone 6? Go through the slider below to find out 5 rumored feature we expect will come true.

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    Rumor No. 1


    http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57567950-37/apple-eyes-another-patent-for-solar-powered-iphone/, if materialized, will be the most revolutionary development in mobile phones since multi colored screens. Back in February this year, Apple filed a patent for technology that integrates solar charging into a phone's touch screen. The patent details "electrodes that are used both for collecting solar energy and for sensing on a touch sensor array." By clubbing these two features into one surface, upcoming iPhones could conserve a significant amount of surface area on portable devices, staying in line with Apple's clean and minimalist design tradition. So the iPhone 6 could have a touch screen that collects solar energy, meaning that you're never going to have to worry about running out of battery ever again.

    Rumor No. 2

    For its latest handset, the iPhone 5S, Apple used a larger 8-megapixel sensor in the camera. Even though the Mega Pixel count remained the same, it should be noted that with the new sensor, each pixel collects more light, thereby allowing for greater detail. Apart form this, the company also increased the camera's low-light performance by upgrading from an f/2.4 model to an f/2.2 model.

    What will be different about the next camera? Since the phone will be larger, there will be room for bigger and more powerful components. We expect Apple to add a much larger sensor, something that's comparable to the one seen in the Nokia Lumia 1020, which is currently the best smartphone camera out there. With this, the iPhone 6's imaging system will deliver pictures with greater detail and quality. As far as megapixel count is concerned, we don't expect it to go beyond 12MP or 13 MP, because in the end, sensor size is what really matters.


    Rumor No. 3

    Up until the iPhone 6. now, Apple has offered only 64GB of internal storage on its iPhones. With the iPhone 6, analysts are positive that Apple will offer a 128GB variant. This is a serious possibility since Apple recently offered 128GB of storage on its iPad 4. Also, since more and more people are ditching personal computers for tablets and smartphones these days, there will be a serious need for greater data storage.

    Rumor No.4

    While Apple has always marketed its iPhones as premium products, they've been nothing but extremely well designed aluminum frames with exceptional computing components. But with the upcoming iPhone 6, the phone might just get its first premium component. Rumors have it that the Cupertino based company plans to add Saphire Glass, a high quality material that's used on the faces of luxury watches. The addition of this material would make the iPhone 6 much costlier than its predecessors, but on the other hand, it would also be much, much stronger and completely scratch ressistant. Also, it is worth noting that the material is already in Apple's supply chain since its is being used as a camera lens protector for the iPhone 5 and a robust coating for the revised Home button in iPhone 5S.

    Rumor No. 5

    The A7 SoC seen on the new iPhone 5S is a wonderful step ahead thanks to its 64-bit chip. The handset has the ability to shoot slow-mo video and ultra fast bursts thanks to the power of the new hardware. We believe that if Apple wants to take things to the next level, it will simply add more cores to this already brilliant setup. So expect quad core or even octa core. Analysts are convinced that it might Octa core since its rival, Samsung, has confirmed that its upcoming flagships and even a few current ones will start using all eight cores simultaneously thanks to some new updates which are on the way.


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