Samsung to launch foldable Note device in 2018

It looks like Samsung is finally overcoming obstacles to put a foldable screen in a handset.

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Samsung has been working on developing foldable smartphones for some time now and we have already seen the patent filings and more. While the company has been working behind the scenes the only concern of many fans as well as enthusiasts was that when was Samsung actually going to launch this unique device.

Samsung to launch foldable Note device in 2018

Well, we might have got an answer to that query. As per Samsung's executive, the company is now aiming to launch a foldable phone in the Galaxy Note series next year. So it seems that the company is finally overcoming obstacles to put a foldable screen in a handset and taking into account the statement from the company rep it looks like Samsung has solved most of its problems.

As it sounds interesting, during the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea, DJ Koh, President of Samsung Mobile also stated, "We don't want to just sell a couple of the phones. We want it to be mass-ready and at a technological level where people will say it is a well-made phone." So it is quite clear that the phones will come once it is ready.

Many previous reports have said that Samsung could unveil a phone with a bendable screen but chances are pretty slim for it to happen. For instance, many reports claimed that the firm would launch bendable displays at 2017 Mobile World Congress but no such thing was announced.

But Koh is several press meetings has always mentioned that Samsung has been interested in foldable phones as a concept right now. But he also added that the company was working on making an actual foldable phone for consumers. Foldable phones could materialize if the concept proved to be a meaningful innovation and at the same time was a device that could be easy to use.

Earlier this year, Samsung Display, which is the displaying-making arm of the South Korean giant also showcased bendable OLED displays as prototypes. While that was a thing of the past, as of now, it could be that the company has finally found a use case for the display.

Amidst all these developments and the piece of information that has been shared by the company, we can only say that we might not have to wait for long to see a brand new innovation from the company.


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