Nokia Lumia 820 Voice Calling Issue: Users Complain On Forums Againt WP8 Handset

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Lumia 820 has recently received a huge price cut by about 17% and is available at Rs 23,969 in India. Hence, many consumers who were interested in purchasing the handset and holding back the decision due to its price, might now be interested in buying one.

Hold on! There are numerous complaints regarding the Lumia 820's (of course, any smartphone) - the voice calling feature. Several users have started coming up with a plethora of issues about the calling feature claiming that the handset faces low volume and poor voice quality issues.

According to the complaints registered on WPCentral Forums, a lot of Lumia 820 users seem to have experienced such issues with the calling feature.

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Nokia Lumia 820 Voice Calling Issue: Users Complain On Forums

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I am starting to wonder if I have this issue. From time to time callers on the other end say they can barely hear me. I was thinking at first it was the network, as LTE was switched on a few weeks ago. But it is still happening, the last time was a few days ago talking to my mom. I ended up having to text her. :(


when i first got the phone i had poor call quality issues too. then about 10 days ago some small nokia updates came through and now the calls are like normal. using mine on 3g network as LTE has yet to go live where i am.


Lumia 820 Loud speaker is also not very good, and i have replaced a new one.


I have recently bought a Lumia 820 for my mother. She likes the device a lot, but the call quality issues are making her want her husband's Galaxy S3. The problem happens during the first 30 seconds or so in the call. After that, it sounds normal. We have already replaced the phone with another 820, and it has the exact same issue. It would be good if Nokia would at least acknowledge the issue. She likes Windows Phone, and we may end up getting an HTC for her (she finds the 920 too heavy for her, specially after holding her husband's Galaxy S3) if Nokia won't release a statement or a fix for this.

It is to be noted that some users have come up with solutions for the issue.


I figured out my problem was with the case I had on the phone, it was covering up the mic. So I made a small mod to it and all is well for the time being. :)

At the same time, a Nokia Forum also has received several complaints on the microphone sensitivity.


When I make or receive calls, people on the other side have been complaining that they cant hear me properly. I am thinking it may be due to a low sensitivity on the microphone, because I usually have a good signal (vodafone).


Me + Lumia 820

Often when people call me and I start speaking quietly, people don't get me. I have to yell at least once to the phone. Afterwards I can speak quieter and people will hear me.

Sometimes my voice volume goes down on the other side suddenly, although I have 3g or h or even h+.

I've had 2 hard resets in the beginning and nothing's changed.

My workphone (lumia 800) doesn't have any problems in the same situations.


Add me to the list. Same problem with my Lumia 820. People constantly complain they cannot hear me. Sometimes if I change the position or the way I hold the phone the person on other end of the call says it helps.


I have recently bought a Lumia 820 and I'm having the same issues. It is noticeable when I receive a call, but it also happens (less often) when making a call. I have done some testing and found out the problem goes away after about 35 seconds in the call. After this time, I can hold the phone any way I want and people will hear me without issues, but during the first 35 seconds people just can't hear me properly.

Nokia, please acknowledge this issue and tell us by when can we expect a fix. We are happy with the Lumia line in our family, and would not like to exchange this phone for any other brand/platform.


Same problem with microphone +1
Its terrible.
4g -> 3g didnt help,
hard reset didnt help.

Well, all these user complains show that Lumia 820 might be facing some outgoing call issues, but right now, it is not proven that second phase of units released which has landed in India also are having same bugs and issues.

Do let us know in the comments section below, if you are also the one who is facing any kind of problems with your new Nokia Lumia 820.

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