Samsung Galaxy S5 Has the best Smartphone Display, Says Testing Firm

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Samsung may not have garnered the anticipated craze and excitement with the eventual announcement of the new flagship, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S5, especially with the device leading up to months of hypes and rumors. However, it seems like finally something is going its way with a testing firm recently announcing that the Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone display among its competitors.

As reports suggest, according to DisplayMate president and research scientist Raymond Soneira, the Samsung-made Galaxy S5 now has a record for offering the best high-quality screen. The Galaxy S5, of course, was revealed eventually at the previously held Mobile World Congress event (MWC 2014) at Barcelona, Spain this year.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Has the best Smartphone Display, Says Testing Firm

Via a new in-depth analysis of the new phone's screen technology, Soneira called the Galaxy S5 the "best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested," while also placing several reasons via in-phone features as to why exactly the device stands out from the rest.

"While many people have assumed that the Galaxy S5 has basically the same display as the Galaxy S4, but just a bit bigger, that isn't the case... Our detailed Lab tests show that there have been significant display performance improvements in almost every single test and measurement category, resulting in a number of new records for Smartphone display performance."

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It also says that based on its extensive Lab tests and measurements, "the Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested - and it has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch."

Also according to Soneira, the list of bragging rights for the new Galaxy S5 comes from a host of areas such as highest brightness, lowest reflectance, highest color accuracy, infinite contrast ratio, highest contrast rating in ambient light, and smallest brightness variation with viewing angle.

It was highlighted in the report how the S5 has a brilliant color accuracy, with the phones Cinema Mode having "the most accurate colors for any smartphone or tablet display that we have ever measured."

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Also, the overall picture quality of the Cinema Mode was greatly highlighted. And although DisplayMate's extensive testing found the device's contrast and color slightly too high, Soneira said the quality of the picture "looked beautiful, even to my experienced hyper-critical eyes."

The Samsung-made Galaxy S5 is currently up for pre-order before the device is eventually pushed out for fans starting April 11.

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