Top 10 New MIUI Tips and Tricks for Xiaomi Mi4 Users

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One of the most notable feature from the Xiaomi is its User Interface (UI) named MIUI. This smartphone comes with lots of new features which are really useful and also one of the best features we have seen in the smartphone. Moving on to the MIUI, it looks different from Android ROM and also it is fast, minimal and feature-rich.

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The main advantage of MIUI over Android is that, the latter has some features which can be enabled only by apps. But MIUI has a unified inbuilt design language, which works together, without the need of any app which affects the performance of your mobile. Although, Mi4 is nearing its launch in India, get to know some of the useful tricks before hands on.

GizBot present to you some tips for Xiaomi users that you might find handy when using your MIUI. These tips and tricks are applicable to all the Xiaomi devices:

Xiaomi Mi 4 In Pictures

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Built-in Screen Capture function

Screen Shot

With MIUI, you can press the "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to capture a screenshot. The printed image is saved in the "MIUI: directory in the SD card.

Launch Music Player in lockscreen

Music Player

If you want to listen to music without unlocking the device, double tap on the center of the circle (orange glow) and it will switch from the typical lock screen to one with music controls.

Activate the torch from the lockscreen


Now you can activate Torch light easily on your Xiaomi device without any hassles or going into applications. You can activate Torch by, long pressing the home button.

Audio capture function

Voice Command

You can click the pictures with voice commands using the Audio capture function. To activate the voice command open camera → Settings → Audio. Here it is..! Your Hands are free now

Network Speed

Net Speed

Want to know your data connection speed ? This option can be added on the status bar. This option can be enabled or disabled via Settings > Notifications > Show Connection Speed.

Dial Pad-based Notes


Want to take down number in middle of the Phone call? Then this is for you ! Similar to recording a call, the user will be able to take a quick note. This helps in taking a phone number, an address and lot more.

Lock the phone when it’s in your pocket

Lock it !

There is actually a setting in the display menu which asks you if you would like to prevent ‘pocket dials' (accidental calls and responses when the phone is in your pocket).

Private message area


Got a secret friend whose messages shouldn't be shown to prying eyes? The MIUI's default messaging app comes with a private messaging feature. All you need to do is, from the normal message screen, just pull down the screen until it takes you to private messaging window. Set a lock for more security.

Restrict Background Data Usage

Background Data Usage

This is one of the most needed application for any user. We always see many applications consuming lot of data even when not in use. MIUI provides a facility to restrict which application can consume data in the background or not.

Guest Mode


One thing I just love about the MIUI is the Guest Mode. Use Guest mode to hide all you personal data. Go to Security > Privacy Protection and Enable the Guest mode to hide all you personal files.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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