Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE to Introduce MIUI V6: Here are 5 Interesting Features of the UI

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While Xiaomi-made phones have created a major stir among the massess with its cheap yet effective policy, a lot of credit lies on the company's MIUI interface itself. This new interface is quite the refresh from usual Android UIs and more so compared to the Samsung-based TouchWiz.

While Xiaomi mobiles have been a good experience in terms of usage, the beauty of it lies in the MIUI interface that has been such a refresh over the regular stock Android offering. And with its built-in features, the experience is among the best out there.

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As of now, while the company offers the MIUI version 5 for all its handsets in India, we aren't far from the day when the next version of that interface arrives. And it's almost near since the interface is coming with the 4G LTE variant of the Redmi Note.

But what are the most prominent features of this newly done UI and how will it be different from the previous MIUI offering? We take a closer look.

Xiaomi Redmi Note In Pictures

MIUI 6 Arriving with Redmi Note 4G: 5 Interesting Features

An Improved Mi Cloud Integration
When the first version of MIUI came around, the Xiaomi cloud offering came as a big thing. Now it's good to know that the company is improving on that cloud offering with the MIUI 6. Mi Cloud connects all your Mi devices with each other - your phone, tablet, TV and set-top box. That means you can view your photos at anytime, anywhere, or continue browsing a webpage on your Mi Pad.

MIUI 6 Arriving with Redmi Note 4G: 5 Interesting Features

Heightened Security
While Xiaomi has been under constant criticism that the company is passing information to China via its phones, the improved security that will come around with MIUI 6 should end those issues. MIUI anyway has a reliable built-in Security Center that takes full advantage of advanced security technologies from Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE.

MIUI 6 Arriving with Redmi Note 4G: 5 Interesting Features

Big on Power
Xiaomi has built the MIUI 6 interface with a range of powerful features. The option includes marking unknown numbers, accessing free Wi-Fi with WiWide, using a visual menu for voice service calls and more.

MIUI 6 Arriving with Redmi Note 4G: 5 Interesting Features

Better Notifications
You can view all the new notifications on your lock screen the instant you wake your phone. New notifications will show up at the top of the screen. You can view details and open apps quickly with a single tap. Moreover, the Notification Center also intelligently switches over to floating notifications to avoid interrupting you when playing a game or using the camera.

MIUI 6 Arriving with Redmi Note 4G: 5 Interesting Features

Guaranteed Minimalism
Xiaomi has opted for an entire revamp and look overhaul for the new interface, this time sticking to a more minimalist approach. The company says that it has "stripped away unnecessary distractions" so that users can focus on the right things in the right place.

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