Apple To Drop iPod Shuffle & Classic?

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Apple To Drop iPod Shuffle & Classic?
We may not see two major contributions by Apple, which is the Apple ipod shuffle and iPod Classic in the near future.

YES!! It is expected that up coming event on 4th October might be the venue for Apple to announce on the decision of dropping ipod shuffle and iPod Classic. As per now there is no official declaration on this rumor. Experts say that if Apple has decided to drop these legendary products which have already established a place in their customers mind then it might have some negative impacts. It could be hard for music lovers to digest, if Apple comes up with such strategic decisions.

There are also anticipation that Apple might be launching another series of iPods with more features and specifications for the user to leverage their mobile listening experience. As far as ipod shuffle and iPod Classic are concerned, both the devices had lots to offer for the users.

Why people liked Apple iPod shuffle?

Apple iPod shuffle is a compact one, 1.4 inches taller and 1.24 inches wider gadget which weighs around 12.5 grams. The device has a skip-free playback and frequency response up to 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz that can deliver good clarity audio sound. Moreover, it has a decent capacity up to 2 GB flash drive. The user can also store data via USB flash drive so that enough data can be transfer at a quicker speed by the users. Another specialty is the availability of superb proper management system. As far as any portable music device is concerned, the first and foremost requirement is the capacity to deliver enough battery. Battery in Apple iPod shuffle important feature is it is well equipped to deliver battery power up to 15 hours continuously. And it is also notable that the battery can be charged at a shorter time.

Apple iPod Classic is also a superb music device promoted by Apple which features 2.5 inches diagonal colour LCD display for the convenience of the users which also has LED backlight facility. The screen resolution in 320 by 240 pixel. It also has the capacity to hold 40,000 songs at a time and can also hold 25,000 photos which can be viewed in iPod. The hard drive support is up to 160 GB. Both shuffle and Classic comes with the elegant headphones which can provide you far above the ground music experience.

The price of Apple iPod shuffle in India is Rs 3,200 for 2 GB and 4,200 for 4 GB and considering the Apple iPod Classic, it is available at the price around Rs 12,500 in India.

Now as we have seen, both have been highly popular models in Indian market, especially the Shuffle because of its affordable price, it is to be seen how Apple is going to come up with new models which can replace these popular music gadgets which changed the whole world of music experience of common consumers.

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