Apple Pays up for Lifting Design of a Swiss Clock in iOS 6 App

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Apple Pays up for Lifting Design of a Swiss Clock in iOS 6 App

A couple of weeks ago it was Samsung which was ordered to pay Apple for lifting up design elements in smartphones, however, the table has turned this time. Now it is Apple which will pay Swiss Railway Operator, SBB for allegedly lifting up design of a clock in Zurich station for their clock application in iOS 6. 

However, Apple was able to get this issue sorted out in an off the court settlement. As per a complaint which was made by SBB about three weeks ago, the design of clock application is a straight lift from a trademarked design of a clock which is placed in Zurich station in Switzerland. 

As per the reports, this is a well popular clock and is familiar to all passengers who have commuted through Zurich and waited for next train in transit. This accusation amused all technology enthusiasts, and this would be first of its kind accusation against Apple known for its own unique and innovative product designs. 

However, Apple was quick to react on this and they seem to have reached a settlement off the court, where in they will be paying some license fee for using the trademarked design of the clock. The settlement was confirmed by SBB on Friday. However Apple and SBB declined to disclose any details on the settlement reached including the license fee which will be paid by Apple. 

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