Cyber Criminals Targeting Emerging Indian cities

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Cyber Criminals Targeting Emerging Indian cities

With the emergence of Internet, life has become more convenient than ever before. However the long list of benefits of the Internet may not cover up the hazards that it poses. Cyber attacks and frauds are also on the rise and are targeting emerging cities in India.

The lack of knowledge of amateur Internet users makes them extremely vulnerable to cyber phishing and other forms of cyber threats. It is a matter of concern that the Government is doing little in the direction for preventing such scenarios. According to reports, rapidly growing cities in India like Chandigarh, Surat, Mohali, Jaipur and Bhubaneshwar are favorite targets of increasing number of online thieves who pry on people who have recently embraced the Internet. 

According to Shantanu Ghosh, MD Symantec India, “Augmented by broadband penetration, smaller and emerging cities of India are exploring opportunities offered by the virtual world, in turn creating a new lucrative pool of targets for cyber criminals to exploit”. He also added that the new age cyber criminals are shifting their focus to cities which are more susceptible to attacks since the knowledge level and understanding regarding security measures will be quite low in such areas. 

As per the Cyber Crime Report for 2012 published by Norton, India has approximately lost around Rs. 43,444 crores last year through various forms of cyber crimes. The report also mentions that a vast majority among the 42 million users, who use Internet in India, has been victim of different forms of online scams. A lot of small time entrepreneurs have lost a considerable amount of money as they fell prey for such scams. It has to be seen how Government deals with this important issue. An initiative from online security companies and NGOs is desirable as educating people regarding web security will help to solve this issue to a certain extent.

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