Double Can Convert Your Apple iPad into Telepresence Robot [Video]

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Double Can Convert Your Apple iPad into Telepresence Robot [Video]

Imagine moving around the world without leaving your home! Does it sound too unrealistic? It is no longer a fantasy. A new iPad Robot is coming up that can virtually represent you anywhere in the world in no time. This amazing device was developed by a group of Scientists in a company named Double Robotics. The product is named ‘Double Robot’.

However, one would need to shell a hefty sum of $2,000 (approximately Rs.1 lakh) to use the technology. Still, experts suggest that it is definitely worth spending, as it the technology will save one's traveling costs. The actions of this robot can be controlled using an app which can be installed and operated in iPad.

Set up

  • The Double Robot will be placed inside a box up on purchase. Users will have to open the box.

  • There is a separate port in this robot for inserting iPad.

  • Insert the iPad on to the Robot.

  • You can Power on the robot by touch, which in turn will activate the self-balancing sensors in the Robot.

  • With Double Robot, users can move around using the iPad for controlling.

  • Height adjustment can also be done to ensure that users are always at the eye level.

The firm was found stating in a press release, “You can stay at eye level, whether sitting or standing, by adjusting your height remotely, which makes conversations fluid and real.” A retractable kickstand is also included that is capable of functioning automatically for saving power when the robot is not moving.

Setting up Double on iPad

Double arrives fully functional as soon as you open the box - just insert your iPad. Touch the power switch to activate Double's self-balancing sensors, keeping itself upright. At only 15 pounds (7kg), it's easy to move by hand and won't damage furniture.

Setting up Double on your iPad is as easy as downloading an app. The same app is used for the driver's iPad and the robot's iPad. Once you create an account, your driver's iPad will display all of your Doubles anywhere in the world from one screen.

Useful in multiple ways

Double Robot could help you in different scenarios like

  • Offices where you can communicate remotely with their team members

  • Attending Meetings virtually

  • Staying in touch with family members who are away in different places

  • Visiting galleries around the world

  • Meeting friends for lunch

Reports have also confirmed that this robot works around a single wheel thus having the perfect balance while it moves. Sources in Double Robotics stated, “Efficient motors and light weight design give Double the ability to last all day without recharging the battery.”

For more details, head over to the website 

Watch the video on how Double Robot works.

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