iPad 3 for free?

Posted By: Rahul

 iPad 3 for free?

Even before it's release, the iPad 3 has found itself in the centre of various social networking scams. This shocking fact was revealed by a recent online study. Scamsters are taking full advantage of the iPad 3 hype & are creating fake campaigns as well.

One such campaign says that if you participate in a particular technology survey, then you are in with a chance to win the iPad 3. This is surely misleading as many people have fallen prey & have parted with their personal data. This is all a scam. When users reveal confidential info, this is taken by hackers who in turn misuse these details. These data are also sometimes sold to external agencies in return for money.

Online security experts say that this is a common trend & was observed before the iPad 2 launch as well. They also warn people to stay away from unscrupulous elements who promise “Unrealistic Gifts & Prizes”. People also need to be aware of messages/e-mails which ask them for private data. In most cases, these details land up in the hands of advertisers who later pester you with marketing/promotional calls/messages/e-mails.

Thus, one warning message that we would like to give our readers is “Be Careful”.

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