IRISNotes smart digital pen from OMR India Outsources

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IRISNotes smart digital pen from OMR India Outsources

In today’s time, we find professionals tied up with meetings and students engaged with lectures. Converting the running notes in digital form becomes a problem for all, as it is time consuming. To simplify this process, OMR India Outsources brings an ideal solution in the form of smart digital pens, IRISNotes, which capture and save handwritten notes and drawings in digital format. 

IRISNotes, the brand new digital pen is being introduced in India by OMR India Outsources, an international total solution provider specialized in document imaging services and solution. 

IRISNotes is a pen and mobile note taker (receiver) that captures notes and drawings, as well as edit, save and export them into the computer. With two different models of IRISNotes, IRISNotes ™ Express 2 and Executive 2, the handwritten notes can instantly be converted into editable text in a wide range of languages. 

From a battery‐powered pen, hand movements are transmitted to a receiver clipped at the top of an ordinary sheet of paper.  The receiver, which can store up to 100 pages of text, is then connected to the computer where the Optical Character Recognition application converts handwriting into electronic text that can be saved and edited. 

IRISNotes™ Express 2 compatable with Windows is priced at Rs. 7,425/- while IRISNotes™ Executive 2 is compatable with both Windows and Mac at costs Rs. 11,175/. 

 “IRISNotes is real time-saver, as it keeps your handwritten notes in digital format. It saves countless hours of typing. The advanced IRISNotes™ Executive 2, allows people to write or draw on photos taken with iPhone or iPad which can be easily shared on Facebook or Flicker in a few clicks. Highly portable pen and receiver makes IRISNotes a easy to carry devide wherever you go,” said Mr. Rohit Gupta, Director, OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. 

OMR India Outsources Pvt Ltd is an international total solution provider specialized in document imaging services and solutions; OMR/OCR/ICR solutions; and CRM/Hardware/Scanners all types. In a nutshell, OMR India Outsources offers IT, Data Outsourcing Solutions, strategy, software development, integration and hosting services to its clients under one roof.

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