Its time for projection keyboards

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Its time for projection keyboards


Smartphones are trying to replace the desktop PC s and notebooks for most of the basic tasks. The only drawback they have is the small size that does not incorporate a keyboard to achieve productivity. The smatphones also come with QWERTY keyboards but it is quite rare. Take this year's Consumer Electronics Show or Mobile World Congress, there were no devices with a physical keyboard.

To resolve this issue, Elecom has launched a projection keyboard known as Elecom TK-PBL042BK. A small rectangular box projects the keyboard virtually on a flat surface using infrared. The futuristic accessory is priced too expensive at Rs. 17,500 ($ 350) approximately. This price is in fact more than some of the smartphones.

If you are ready to pay that price than you get a very compact device that weighs only 77grams without a battery. The length of the keys in the virtual keyboard will match than of the physical one. It can register about 350 words per minute. Even a fast typer cannot meet this target. The projection also has a trackpad and a mouse mode. A separate space will be projected to use the trackpad.

This innovative keyboard will work effectively on both iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth connectivity. It also has USB to connect with PCs.

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