LastPass Claims Passwords To Your Online Kingdom Are Safe Despite Data Breach


Data privacy is a growing concern with hackers being able to capitalize on vulnerabilities within minutes. To practice safe browsing, users should have strong passwords for all their accounts online. That's where Password managers step in. These tools can help users create strong passwords and store them, freeing users from memorizing each one of them.

LastPass Claims Passwords To Your Online Kingdom Are Safe

However, there is a downside to using these tools. Given that you store all your passwords in a single entity, just one data breach could expose all your passwords to cyber criminals. This is the nightmare that LastPass users are going through currently.

LastPass Security Breach

In an official blog post, LastPass' CEO Karim Toubba, confirmed that they suffered a security breach earlier this month. He said that an unauthorized party gained access to portions of their platform's development environment using a compromised developer account. In this breach, portions of LastPass source code and some proprietary technical information have been stolen.

As per LastPass, incident responders have contained this breach and there isn't any further evidence of malicious activity. Furthermore, Toubba confirmed that no customer data or encrypted passwords were stolen due to this security breach.

Notably, this is not the first time that LastPass has hit the headlines for a breach. In 2015, the company confirmed that hackers accessed the network, and unlike now, it prompted users to change their master passwords used while logging in.

LastPass Claims Passwords To Your Online Kingdom Are Safe

Is Your LastPass Account Safe?

Though there is no compromised customer data in the latest incident, it is worrying that there was a security breach and some bits of information have landed in unsafe hands. If you are worried that the keys to your online world - your passwords are out, then you can be relaxed as LastPass has cleared the clouds by saying that the master passwords are never stored. Toubba stated that LastPass can never gain access to the master passwords stored by their users.


That said, the security breach on LastPass has not compromised any user data and there is no need for users to change the key to their password vaults.

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