LG Display's Plastic e-paper display

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LG Display's Plastic e-paper display

LGD (LG Display) is the leading manufacturer of the thin film LCD displays. It has announced that it has started with the mass production of the first plastic EPD (electronic paper display) for the eBooks. The e-ink based EPD of 6 inches and 1024 x 768 pixel resolution is expected to create a revolution in the eBook market as it has advanced design and functionality.

This flexible display will be used in the upcoming product lineup of eBook readers with unique form factors. The mass produced plastic EPD will by supplied to ODM firms in China. This will be followed by products that are released in Europe next month.

The new display will offer a reading experience similar to paper. It has a plastic substrate that is quite slim like the protection film in cell phones. The flexible design lets it bend at an angle of 40 degrees from the center.

When compared to the glass EPD, the LGD's plastic EPD is slimmer and lighter. The traditional eBook reader displays are prone to damage. The plastic screens are found to last better in the drop tests. These benefits of the displays will make the eBooks reduce the eye fatigue, consume less power and above all cost lesser.

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