Microsoft gives public chance to test Windows 8 at MWC

Posted By: Rahul

Microsoft gives public chance to test Windows 8 at MWC

Microsoft unveiled it's much hyped & much talked about operating system, the Windows 8 to be tested by the public at the Mobile World Congress which is currently underway in Barcelona. The Windows 8 will run on desktops, laptops & tablets as well.

Customers reportedly were happy after trying out the operating system. People expressed happiness over the interface of Windows 8 & said that it was indeed intuitive & user friendly. In other words, the Metro look that was given to the operating system has managed to impress people. Since Windows 8 can also support cloud computing activities, it is expected that the computer/tablet running windows 8 would also feature the latest cloud computing concepts.

People also said that the real time updation of the “Tiles” would be very useful to them as people can easily find out if they have new e-mails, Facebook notifications or even voice messages.

But some people have also expressed qualms about Windows 8. Negative comments were also received about the logo & the interface. Users have commented that the interface is bit complex & could have been made more simpler. At the same time, the logo design also came under a few negative comments.

All in all, majority of the people were happy with Windows 8 & experts also believe that the Windows 8 is going to create a revolution in the digital world & bring back Microsoft to supremacy.

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