Science fiction to come to reality

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Science fiction to come to reality

Eric Schmidt, the Google chairman predicted that the fast advancements made in technology will transform the science fiction to reality very soon indicating the rising concepts of small robots working on commands, driver-less cars and the ability to be in another place right from being at home.

He pointed out that the online books, internet language translations and the voice recognition for computers happened at a faster pace than anyone would have envisioned. He added that the research on some more technologies is under progress and these might be even unheard before.

It is absolutely right to predict the presence of the holograms and self-driving cars to come into existence soon, Schmidt said at the MWC 2012 expo in Barcelona. He added that a research that is underway will allow people to make their presence in events like rock concerts enabling them to feel, see and hear the event and also reduce the volume if they feel its loud.

The pace these technologies are growing will create a situation in future in which the data and the devices can be used without the users caring whether they are logged in to the internet or not. He said that the web will be everything but also nothing. It will become like electricity. Users can make virtual presence to anywhere using this.

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