Scientists develop paper-based biodegradable batteries to combat e-waste

The paper-based biodegradable batteries are eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment.


Batteries, the small power-storing devices are among the most useful devices which help most of our electronic devices to run directly without the need of connecting them with sockets. With the help of batteries, it became easier for the masses to carry their devices around with them. There are a variety of batteries available in the market including rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries that power the devices. The devices such as smartphones and laptops come packed with rechargeable batteries allowing us to charge our devices while they run out of juice. The batteries, however, are non-biodegradable which adds to the e-waste leading to a polluted environment.

Scientists develop paper-based biodegradable batteries


Now, it is being reported that soon this e-waste issue could be taken care of as some scientists from the US have come up with a solution. Some scientists from the US have developed batteries that are easy to produce, low-cost, flexible and are paper-based biodegradable batteries. These biodegradable batteries are said to be more efficient to tackle power wastage. The paper-based biodegradable batteries are eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment.

As per some reports, the biodegradable battery utilizes a hybrid of paper and engine Scientist Develop Paper-Based Biodegradable Batteries to Reduce Electronic Waste polymers. The key to provide the batteries biodegradable properties were the polymers- poly (amic) acid and poly (pyromellitic dianhydride-p-phenylenediamine).

Seokheun 'Sean' Choi, Associate Professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton said, "There's been a dramatic increase in electronic waste and this may be an excellent way to start reducing that." He further added that "Our hybrid paper battery exhibited a much higher power-to-cost ratio than all previously reported paper-based microbial batteries."

It has been quite long since the scientists have been working on developing the paper-based batteries which are eco-friendly. However, until now there was no success in developing a battery which was really biodegradable. But it appears that the new design might resolve the issue, claims the researchers in a paper published in the journal Sustainable Systems.


Choi also said that "Power enhancement can be potentially achieved by simply folding or stacking the hybrid, flexible paper-polymer devices." The polymer-paper structure are said to be light-weight, flexible and low-cost.

Scientists develop paper-based biodegradable batteries

To check the degradation of the battery the team of researchers tested the battery in water. It is being said that the batteries had no issues in degrading and also it didn't need any specific agent to do so. If the scientists are able to develop a fully fledged battery which is easily degradable then it would definitely curb the e-waste and also help combat power wastage.

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