Smart Notebook 11 learning software

Posted By: Rahul

Smart Notebook 11 learning software

Classroom learning is all set to become more simple and exciting with the introduction of the Smart Notebook 11 learning software.

This software enables students to learn through experimentation which leads to the students retaining the learnt content. Through this software, teachers can convert online resources into smart norebook files which helps them to enhance the classroom teaching and also leads to enhanced concentration levels among students.

Through this software, students are provided interactive learning tools that aid in faster learning. The graphical interface provided by this software is awesome, by working through the graphical interface, students' learning experience becomes more enriched and fulfilling.

There is also a web browser which lets teachers to open a web page in a smart file.  Some other intriguing features of this wonderful software are: gesture recognition, activity builder, updated tables, audio recording etc.

Using all of the above mentioned features, the learning process is enhanced along with being a fulfilling one for students.The new software version is available to be downloaded freely. To use this software, a comprehensive license has to be purchased for SMART Notebooks, the license is affordable as well.

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