Technology puts Lego man in space

Posted By: Rahul

Technology puts Lego man in space

Call it benefit of technology! The Lego man has been taken to space and this journey has been recorded by a technology expansion I.e the camera. This space journey and it's recording has been made possible by the near space photography technology.

A group of teens created a weather balloon which could facilitate the Lego mini-figure and also set up various cameras and allowed the balloon to drift towards space and the footage was recorded live as the journey progressed. This technological advancement enabled the Lego man to reach a height of 24,384 meters and after that the balloon burst. After this, the cameras even recorded the fall back event of the Lego man.

According to experts, this flight is the first of it's kind in the world and was made possible only through technology. The technology behind creating the weather balloon and the technology which aided the recording of the event is one of it's kind in the world and definitely deserves appreciation.

Thus, Technology is life changing and allows people to accomplish goals that are considered impossible with a flick of the wrist.

Click here to watch the Lego man's space journey

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