Google Bar to house Google+ Share button

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Google Bar to house Google+ Share button

Now, Google homepage allows you not only to search but also to share. Google homepage has a share box now that appears on the right top corner. This allows the users to share the videos as well as photos to their Google+ account and also their comments, posts and location right from Google itself. Still this new feature is not available to the public.

Sharing as well as searching are not given the equal levels of priority but still this share box is an integral part of the company's plan to extend their capacity.

When you click on this new Share button, it will open a new box that allows you to share the content to the social network, Google+. This box will appear across all the search results page while you are on the sites like Google News, Maps or Gmail. This allows you to share on any site like Google Videos, Google Maps or anything of the company.

You can also post status updates right from any of the pages of Google excluding YouTube. So long, the search engine's homepage has not gone beyond searching. The links that were placed on the homepage were directing you to the websites to carry out your work. Now, there is no need to navigate away from the homepage as you can transact right from it.

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