Google doodles 374th birthday of Nicolas Steno

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Google doodles 374th birthday of Nicolas Steno


Today, Google homepage has a doodle after the one for the New Year. The Google logo appears like the cross section of the Earth crust and this is to celebrate the 374th birthday of Nicolas Steno, the Danish anatomist and geologist.

Steno is considered the father of geology and has made vital contributions to the human anatomy. He is the discoverer of the Stensen's duct which is the parotid salivary duct.

He is the one who proposed that fossils are the left overs of the ancient living organisms and that sedimentation is the reason for the rock formation. He was the pioneer to conclude that the careful study of the strata and fossils of the Earth can provide a look at the history of the planet.

Later in 1667, Steno went to religion from science and converted to a Roman Catholic and became a bishop in the year 1677. He passed away on November 25th 1686, at the age of 48.

Google has posted a total of 260 doodles last year and also revamped a new Doodle website last month which has all the doodles right from the first one posted in 1998.

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