Zerg rush: A Google easter egg

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Zerg rush: A Google easter egg

Google and its customers like the Doodles. But there is another one that the search engine firm excites the users with. Wondering what it is? The easter eggs that the release on special occasions. On Valentine's Day, there was one that celebrates love by using a mathematical equation. It plots a heart one a graph.

Now, it is celebrating the gaming spirit with the zerg rush easter egg. All you have to do to enjoy this is simply type the words 'zerg rush' in the search of Google.com. You will see a bunch of red and yellow 'o's all over your screen. These will erase what's on the screen and form 'GG'. You have options to clear the screen and share score. Hitting the Share score option will upload a post in your Google+ account reading.

You can fight with the zergs by clicking thrice on them. Just remember that you cannot succeed as the zergs will outnumber you and take you down. But will make your score. Google will measure your score and your APM to share it to your Google+ account.

The rush idea comes from the real time video games strategy. In the StarCraft game, the alien race known as Zergs used the tactic of overpowering and taking over the enemies.

This is not the first easter egg by Google that pays homage to a popular game. The do a barrel roll was inspired by the Nintendo game of 1997, Star Fox 64. Have you tried defeating the zergs? What's your score? Please do let us know in the comments section below.

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