Angry Brides: a game against the dowry demands

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Angry Brides: a game against the dowry demands


Are you angry about demanding for dowries that lead to violence against the brides? Here is a game, Angry Brides that takes off the popularity of Angry Birds, the most downloaded game and itfocuses on the illegal practices that are prevalent in the South Asian countries.

This custom was actually outlawed over five decades back but still being practiced. Dowry is the money that the groom's family demand from the bride's family and it happens even after marriage. This leads to mental as well as physical harassment and in the worst cases drive woman to suicide. In some cases the wife is murdered by the husband and his family.

The Angry Brides game throws the spotlight on the dowry demands says the Senior Vice President and also the Head of Online Marketing, Ram Bhamdi of, the matrimonial website with over two million members.

As per a study conducted in 2007, a dowry related death in India is said to occur every four hours. He added that they are running a campaign on the social media to create an awareness on this issue.

The app's name is available on the group's home page in Facebook ( The homepage has is red clad with a eight armed woman resembling the powerful Hindu goddess.

There is a caption under the image stating that a woman will give you the strength, love and care that you need and not dowry. Users have to hit the three dodging grooms – a builder, doctor and pilot. They can choose from a range of weapons like loafer, tomato, broomstick, frying pan and stiletto shoe.

Each groom will have a price tag starting with Rs. 1.5 million. Each time the groom is hit, the value will decrease and the amount will be added to the Anti-Dowry Fund of the player. This amount will be posted on the Facebook wall.

The game was launched recently and over 270,000 people have liked the app. The game has not only attracted the women but also men.

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