Facebook Snapchat and Poke Deleted Videos can be Retrieved

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Real-Time chat apps Snapchat and Facebook's poke reportedly deletes the contents of the videos and photos within a few seconds after it has been sent. But that is not the whole truth. The videos and pictures can be certainly accessed again using a file browser.

Buzzfeed discovered this week that the video files sent through the snapchat which is supposed to disappear within a few seconds are stored in temporary folder. Snapchat was a popular app which got known for its feature to delete the sensitive messages within a short span.

On Thursday, the site Buzzfeed reported that both the sites Snapchat and poke spared copies of shared videos are accessible through a free iPhone file browser. This can be done when the shared video is not opened by the recipient. To view the content one has to plug into a PC and open a file browser.

Facebook Snapchat and Poke Deleted Videos can be Retrieved

A staff reporter at Buzzfeed, Katie Notopoulos found that both the chat apps kept copies of videos that should be deleted. Also, she found that the shared video files are available in a folder called "tmp" by Snapchat and "mediacard" on Facebook's Poke.

These files can be easily preserved by copying it into a hard drive. Snapchat is also available in Google Android phones but it is still not known whether the files are preserved in the same way on smartphones too.

Snapchat did fix a solution for a bug, this December, which put permanent versions of unwatched videos into the smartphones' video gallery. Technology can always be reverse engineered but it definitely spoils the fun. Facebook is yet to comment on the issue.


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