10 Ways Facebook is Harmful to Your Mental Health

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Mark Zuckerberg through his white-paper spread the message that Facebook aims 'to make the world more open and connected'.

10 Ways Facebook is Harmful to Your Mental Health

These days it has become Facebook covers a major chunk of our day to day life, be it posting selfies while partying as FB status or be it wishing birthday messages on FB wall.

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This is all about boasting out our social life online. BUT (and there is always a but), this is equally evident that this social networking has a harmful effect on people psychology. Here we have listed out 10 possible and common detrimental effect of Facebook both on children, teens and even on adults.

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Compare and Depression

As we have already mentioned, today Facebook is all about boasting out our social life online, it has an equal effect on people leaving them to feel vulnerable as we end up comparing our life with other. Such feeling at the end of the day leaves the feeling of envy about others.

Beginning of Stalking

There was a time when a relationship gets over, we would grieve for few days but eventually, it would pass over. But, now in the Facebook world, where it is all about being in touch when a relation breaks down, a new tendency grows within us, stalking our 'ex's' life without us. This feeling never lets you let go the past.

Make you jealous about the present as well

Facebook stalking doesn't only limit to ex's. It might let you get suspicious about your present partner as well. "Why is this particular girl is constantly liking every photo my boyfriend shares or posts?"- this might end up in searching for ways to spy your husband or boyfriend's phone without their knowledge.

Stress about number of Likes and Comments

These days on birthdays, one is least bothered how many gifts we have got. Now it has become how many people have wished me on FB and who hasn't. This sometimes turns out to be into fights with close ones says 'why haven't you wished me when others did?'

It cuts you out off the group

Are you always on Facebook even when you are with your real world buddies? this might be a proof that you have been left out of the real life.

Cribbing for best selfies for highest likes

Now when it is all about likes, we keep on taking selfies or pictures until it shows off the best curves or makes you look best. Only thinking of how many people will like the photo.

It can end up losing a potential job offer

Today, we all know every employer looks into your social life before hiring. And it would be the last thing for a potential employer to see you dead drunk after a party. This might likely to be a reason you loose the job.

It can lead you to become a green-eyed monster

Even though you won't agree openly but underneath many of us get envy of our friend's or cousin's promotion or success.


Many parents today are worried about their kids getting addicted to Facebook at the budding age and ignore their studies. So, they take up steps like blocking these social networking websites.


Last but not the least it is the growing case of cyberbullying that makes psychologists concern of. Many surveys have proved that children in their adolescent age likely to choose social networking sites for bullying the other. It has resulted many cases of early age suicide among teenagers.

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