Twitter Blue Subscription Relaunch Postponed: Musk Introducing New Checkmark?

Elon Musk Postpones Twitter Blue Subscription Relaunch

Elon Musk has delayed the relaunch of the Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter's CEO indicated that the subscription needs more work to address impersonators and trolls using fake "verified" accounts. He even mentioned that the original blue checkmark reserved for truly verified accounts could undergo a colorful transformation. Let's see how the Blue Tick might be tweaked to coexist with the "Official" label, and still help to visually identify a credible account.


Twitter Blue Won't Relaunch On November 29 Confirms Musk

The revamped and pricier Twitter Blue subscription launched a few days after Elon Musk took over Twitter. However, it was quickly pulled back because social media trolls started impersonating businesses and famous personalities to spread misleading information and fake news. Musk had indicated that the Twitter Blue subscription will reappear on November 29, but has sent out a tweet confirming the relaunch has been postponed.

As evident from the tweet, Musk hasn't specified any date. However, he appears to have acknowledged that his earlier threat to instantly suspend troublemakers isn't working. Musk had previously warned Twitter users that any account indulging in impersonation would have to openly declare it was a "parody" account, or they would be suspended without warning.

The Twitter Blue subscription was misused at a concerningly large scale. Specifically speaking, several subscribers of Twitter Blue only wanted the Blue Tick, which was once reserved for popular and influential personalities.

Twitter Blue's Checkmark To Change Color?

Among other useful features, the Twitter Blue subscription awarded the blue checkmark, which was identical to the blue tick that denoted a truly verified account. This is one of the biggest problems with the subscription. Musk hinted that Twitter may change the checkmark's color to quickly differentiate between an individual and an organization.

Incidentally, Twitter already has a way to identify organizations. The "Official" badge appeared after Musk had introduced the revamped Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter was quietly offering the Official badge with a grey checkmark to big businesses, and large media publication houses. Even this badge was yanked out, before making a reappearance.


The Official badge still exists but may undergo some changes. Meanwhile, the Twitter Blue subscription could make a comeback in the near future, but it might not offer the same blue tick.

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