Twitter is not only a social network

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Twitter is not only a social network


Twitter is not only a social network but something more than that. It really has not time to worry about the newcomers like Google+ as it has moved from being a social network to an important source of information and also builds the advertising business, claims the co-founder, Jack Dorsey.

He said this at the technology conference and said that Twitter has lots of issues to concern on and not on the emergence of Google's social network. He added that social is a part of Twitter's work and that it is an information utility.

He described Twitter to be a social network as well as a personal news service. The greatest value of Twitter is that it helps you in finding out the current happenings in the world. People can send tweets, 140 character long messages to their followers. The network has about 100 million active users currently.

Twitter has made about $140 million as revenue in 2011 as per the estimate made by eMarketer, an industry research firm. Twitter is also building up a team in Germany, a place with high privacy concerns and low Twitter activity.

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