Apple iPad with iOS 8 Now Make Voice Calls: 5 Advantages To Look Out for

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The biggest strength for Apple lies in the fact that it has only one umbrella over it. Unlike how Android has different makers with their different UI, Apple is all and one. This means all iDevices will be connected to each other in one way or the other.

With the new iOS 8 now on offer, that treat is becoming even more special with more new features that will make their way on all the devices running the new OS. And the Apple-made iPad is just one of those devices.

Apple iPad with iOS 8 Now Make Voice Calls: 5 Special Advantages

But while the new OS has already been pushed out, also for the iPad, what are the advantages that we will get apart from opting for voice calls. We take a look at the 5 most essential.

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Send Texts, Make Calls

While you can now send sort of text-like messages from iPads and Macs with the Messages app, but it still requires the other person to have the Messages app. However, with iOS 8, all such messages will go through the iPhone and then on to any other phone. The same is the deal with making and receiving calls, provided you have the phone nearby.

All for One, One for All

If you are living in a family and all use Apple products, stay assured that you'll will be connected to each other via each Apple device. Users can share each other's books, music, video and apps, so that you don't need to install or load the same thing over and over again for different devices.

Start Here, Finish There

With iOS 8 in your pocket (barring the iPad because it's huge), and the upcoming Yosemite update for your Mac, expect to start a project on your phone and end it either with your iPad or Mac. Just slide up the small app icon on the device's lock screen, and it's the same for both iPhone or an iPad. On Macs with Yosemite, however, click the icon on the bottom left.

No Need Shift from One App to Other

The best thing about staying connected between devices is that you need to shift from one app to the other to get your work done. So for example, you can actually check out a notification that you received on your phone directly from you Mac or iPad. You may even delete stuff here with the changes showing there. With email, you can mark a message as read or delete it, although you can't reply.

More Freedom for Outsiders

Apple, over the months, has taken more kindly to third party developers. And more so with Apple's fingerprint authentication system now facilitating others who are outside the Apple domain. Again, all will be connected and more will be done with regard to every device that's on offer.

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