Google Chromebook Pixel: Touch Enabled Notebook With Flamboyancy Of Retina Display Coming Soon

By Anuj Bhatia

    Google has tightened its belt as well as sleeve, and very soon the software giant is going to bomb the tech arena with the announcement of - Chromebook Pixel. Is that a name of next - generation Samsung made Chromebook: the notebook with sweet price of $250? Let's find out!

    Well, someone from Google's talented hardware team has let out for the world to know about their future plans. This won't happen pretty soon, but the leaked video slipped from says that - it is happening and the future of Chrombook, indeed, looks bright.


    A kind attention! Apple, the technology behind making Retina Display based MacBook Pros, could be used by Google. The search giant is prepping a new kind of beast in the form of "Chromebook Pixel". This is entirely a new kind of hardware device and will likely to be associated with Google only. That means no interference from ‘third- party ‘vendors. Even Samsung - the trusty aid of Goggle is not allowed as well.

    Google is taking a deep interest in making Chromebook - A guaranteed success similar that of Android mobile OS. Reports are in, that the company is quietly preparing Macbook Pro (with Retina Display) contender. As of now, the concept is still in a testing stage at Google's MountainView Valley campus. This tempting news was first broke by Slinky . The alleged video featured ‘Chromebook Pixel', a notebook designed only and only, by Google's hardware division. Currently Retina Display laced MacBook Pro casts a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels and considered among the top rated notebook manufactured ever.

    The video (of course, the narrator says like this)," The more pixels we add, the more wonderful the world". This suggests something extra- ordinary is surely cooking under Google's wonderful kitchen. It won't be surprising to see "Chromebook Pixl" making a debut at Google I/O 2013, slated to happen this June.

    On the other hand, the CEO of Slinky made an apology on Google +. According to his post written on his account Mr. Kosh "Our all servers were attacked by hackers, and we apologize for the fact that many projects have been shown previously!" In another update he added these hacks were identified from China.

    As of now, one really does not know whether the leaked video featuring "Chromebook Pixel", is a doctored one or in real, but one thing is definitely sure, that Google is prepping a massive attack on Apple. This piece of news which came from has another connection in the form of François Beaufort, a developer by profession.

    According to him, Google is currently testing a touch based notbook with whooping 4 million pixels. In layman's language- a resolution having 2560 x 1700 pixels. He termed his interpretation as "Google Link".

    It would be interesting to see whether Google's MacBook Pro killer debuts this year or not. But, for sure, Chrome as an OS is set for a joyful ride.Meanwhile, have a look at the concept pictures and video below:

    Google Chromebook Pixel 1

    Google Chromebook Pixel 2

    Google Chromebook Pixel 3

    Google Chromebook Pixel 4

    Google Chromebook Pixel 5

    Google Chromebook Pixel 6

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