Samsung's New Tablet Design With Curved Margins Show Up in Patent Filing

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Samsung has been following the same old design patterns when it comes to its tablet devices. Also the rumored upcoming Tab 4 series is reportedly coming with the same plain design. Changing the looks might help the company to increase the sales of the device and the South Korean tech giant is actually doing it this time around.

Samsung's Tablet Design With Curved Margins Show Up in Patent Filing

The patent application for the curved tablet was filed with the USPTO but the site doesn't reveal much about the device. However, it notes that Samsung is claiming an ornamental design for a tablet computer, as shown and described.

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The company has recently been granted a patent for the new design of a tablet which has curved margins. That doesn't mean the tablet is itself curved, but only the left and right margins are slightly curved. Also another important development is that the bezels on the tablet are very slim, and the lack of a physical button may mean that this would likely be the next-generation Nexus 10. But sadly, HTC is also reportedly working to get the contract for the Next generations Nexus tablet from Google.

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But the device is pretty much a convenient one in terms of users' convenience in holding it with a firm grip. Moreover, the tablet's rear and front facing camera can also be seen on the figures clearly.

Lets see when the new tablet's design will be revealed. The company has not spoken about the device as of now and thus there are not much details to talk about right now.

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