'Tis the season! Google's New Doodle Marks the Start of Christmas Holidays

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With the fact that Christmas is around the edge, and the feel of Joy is in the air. Jingle bells are ringing and Santa is expected all around the world. Google has already started to celebrate its first day of festive holiday season, by depicting a Doodle with children in a sleigh waving as they are pulled along by a reindeer which says "Tis the season"!

Google's New Doodle Marks the Start of Christmas Holidays

Doodles are meant to surprise and delight people when they visit the Google homepage, this doodle which represents the Christmas belief, is expected to post few more Doodles to celebrate this holiday season with its user across the globe. The Doodle is quite innovative and cheerful. As Google Doodles always have a meaning behind them. It is said to continue until the end of the festive holidays.

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Starting from Monday in New Zealand, the doodle will roll out across of countries, like Australia, USA, and the countries in Central and South America, Europe, parts of the Middle East and Asia.

In the previous year, Google dedicated festive doodle, without associating to Christmas for "Tis the season" Doodle, taking a correct path to holiday season to cheer the users "Happy Holidays" those who are not celebrating Christmas.

Basically, Google Doodle is temporary alteration of the logo on Google's homepage that is intended to commemorate holidays, achievements and people

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