Sony’s patented contact lens technology is straight out of a sci-fi movie

Sony’s latest patent describes a contact lens that users can control by deliberate blinks to record video on request

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Sony wants to take camera technology to next level with its latest patent. The Japanese multinational has been awarded a new patent that describes a contact lens able to record videos with user's deliberate eye blinks. The patented contact lens has smart sensors embedded in it that can differentiate between an involuntary blink and a deliberate blink.

Sony's patented contact lens can record videos with blink of an eye

While this is not the first time we have come across such contact lens patents, Sony tries to differ from the previous Google and Samsung patents that aims at measuring glucose levels or incorporate augmented reality concepts respectively.

As per TNI, seven Japanese inventors have worked together to design the contact lenses that in addition to a camera, also includes wireless processing unit and a storage unit. This allows Sony's blink powered contact lens offer the ability for later viewing of images and videos.

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The patented contact lenses will also contain tiny piezoelectric sensors that can measure changes in pressure, temperature, acceleration and force. The lenses will draw power from simple process of electromagnetic induction.

As noted, Sony is known for its optics and the patented contact lenses might also offer camera features such as aperture control, autofocus, and image stabilization.

Sony's patented contact lens can record videos with blink of an eye

While this really sounds futuristic, at the same time we believe that Sony's contact lenses can cause a breach of an individual's privacy. The person would never know that someone with such sophisticated tech can record his/her activities with just a blink of an eye. This might raise privacy concerns when the technology will go mainstream in the coming years; something similar happened with Google Glasses.

Sony's patented contact lens can record videos with blink of an eye

Besides Sony, Google is reportedly developing a new smart contact lens that will measure a wearer's glucose levels by testing their tears. In a patent application, Google showed off potential designs for how it could package a smart contact lens. The lens would be able to gauge a wearer's glucose levels by just analyzing tears.

Image source: TNI

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