Top 5 Power Banks to Look At This Festive Season

    These days smartphones are becoming smarter day by day in terms of CPU, memory, and display. As they get loaded with features, they also become power hungry, which results in poor battery backup.

    Top 5 Power Banks to Look At This Festive Season

    Thus, power banks have become the only way to help your smartphones survive a day without losing out on battery. Because you really don't want to run out of charge while you are out on the road or at office.

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    So here I am reviewing top 5 power banks, revealing their detailed specifications to help you shop better in this festive season. Without wasting much time let's jump into the roundup list-

    1.  CATZ 13,000mAh Power Bank

    CATZ is simply my first choice in this list of power banks because it is truly a value for money product. The power bank wins in terms of power capacity, price, compatibility, and compactness.

    #Pass through the capacity test: CATZ 13,000 mAh delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device, ensuring the fastest most efficient charge.

    #So Powerful: A fully charged CATZ 13,000 mAh power bank is so powerful that it can charge a OnePlus smartphone three times.

    #Use as Torch: You can use this CATZ power bank as a flashlight as well.

    #Single Input and Dual Output: you can charge two phones at a time with its two power outputs.

    #Affordable: Get this highly powered power bank at just Rs. 2,011 from Amazon.


    2.  Mi 20,400mAh Power Bank

    There are no categories Chinese 'Apple' Xiaomi has left to mark its step into. Its Mi 20,400mAh power bank is the ultimate product is its own way.

    #Powerpact- Its massive 20,000mAh battery unit will keep your phones, tablets, cameras and electronic devices powered on while travelling. It is a perfect carry-on for flights. You can even charge your latest MacBook with this power bank.

    #Sleek Design: Superb protective casing, making it convenient to handle and use with the devices. It comes only in White colour.

    # Multiple Charging: A Mi 20,400mAh Power Bank can charge OnePlus 3, Mi 5 for about six times.

    #Price: Although the market price is set at Rs. 2199, the Mi power bank is selling at Rs. 1,899 on during this festive season sale.


    3.  CATZ Eye 4000mAh Power Bank

    CATZ Eye 4000mAh is one of the trendiest and attractive power bank that comesin a lightweight compact package. The LED light display surely gets you noticed.

    #If you are looking for a budget power bank with superior capacity, CATZ Eye 4000mAh is for you. Its catchy LED light display makes it sleek.

    #It's light-weight, compact and easy to carry. It's weighed just 159 grams comes in black color.

    #Charging Info: You can charge an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 1.5 times, Samsung S6 1.5 times, HTC Desire 4.5 times, Sony Xperia Series 2 times.

    #Massive discount: Don't forget to grab this piece this festive season from with 50% discount at just Rs. 749.


    4. PTron Gusto 3000mAh Power Bank

    If you are looking for a slim power bank that you can slip into your pocket or carry with you in your wallet, look no further than the LatestOne's PTron Gusto.

    #Supported with slimmest and pocket-fit 3000mAh polymer battery, the device is extremely light weight about 50 grams.

    #Its built-in micro USB cable and embedded connector can charge all android and ios smartphones and tablets.

    #It can charge iPhone 5s two times.

    #As it says thin is in, PTron Gusto is its ultimate example in power bank category. It is hardly thicker than a credit card and comes in white color.

    # But you cannot connect it with USB cable.

    #You can get this ultra slim power bank from at Rs. 599.


    5. OnePlus 10,000 mAh Power Bank

    Although OnePlus has not come up with so many variations unlike Mi and other popular power bank manufacturers, its one and only OnePlus power bank is enough to talk about itself because of its look.

    #The stunning design of One plus 10000 mAh has been made possible because of the Li-Poly battery within and not Li-ion, thus providing sleeker shape.

    #Bulky: if you are looking for a light-weight piece, then maybe it's not a suitable option for you. This OnePlus 10,000 mAh power bank weights 222 grams.

    #Heavily priced than others: Grab this 10,000 mAh power bank from Amazon Great Indian Sale at Rs. 1,795.

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