Apple Mixed Reality Headset to Unlock a New Dimension for the Human Eye


A new Apple patent application suggests that its mixed reality (MR) headset could let users view things invisible to human eyes. The report highlights that users can see gas leaks and Wi-Fi signals that the human eye cannot see. Apple's MR headset will reportedly feature additional signals to enable this feature, which will set it apart.


Interesting Apple MR Headset Patent

As per a report by Patently Apple, a new patent application filed by the company reveals its MR headset's interesting feature. It notes that the MR headset could let users view things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye, letting wearers detect gas leaks, adjusting the placement of routers using Wi-Fi signals, and more.

The report goes on to state that the MR headset from Apple will track heat patterns to let users detect possible fires around wearers and ensure safety. It is tipped to feature an infrared sensor to see heat, and this feature could help detect fires through walls. Reportedly, the headset will create an overlay over the AR view of the user's location to display invisible things.

Furthermore, it will help musicians tune their instruments by visualizing sound waves. It is also claimed that the MR headset will be able to create an overlay over the sine wave for the correct musical note. The report added that the headset will let wearers see behind even closed doors by creating an AR overlay and it will allegedly match the stored video from the time the user opens a cupboard with the current position and view.

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When to Expect Apple MR Headset?

Recent reports suggested that Apple could unveil this MR headset in 2023. The company is speculated to be working on three new headsets with the codenames N301, N602, and N421. The first MR headset from Apple is likely to be dubbed Apple Reality Pro, which is likely to compete against the upcoming Facebook AR-VR headset.

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