Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Review: Rich Audio Experience On A Budget


Blaupunkt is a familiar name in the audio industry, known for delivering several headphones, earphones, TWS earbuds, and other audio gadgets - even for automobiles. The Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones are the latest addition to the company's diverse product portfolio.



Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Review

best features of Blaupunkt

One of the best features of Blaupunkt accessories is that it caters to all budget needs. Several gadgets like TWS earbuds, over-ear headphones, and other audio accessories from Blaupunkt are available in a diverse price range. The new Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones are available for Rs. 2,099, which doesn't drill a hole in your pocket. This detailed review examines if the asking price is worth the dime or not.

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Design

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Design

The Blaupunkt BH-11's flexible, swivel design allows users to fold the headphones and pack them inside your bag when not in use. The headband is also flexible to suit all ear/head types. The over-ear headphones feature a familiar design with large earcups in faux-leather ear pads. Like most headphones, the Blaupunkt BH-11 also gives you a snug fit and automatically shuts out all external noise. There are a couple of physical buttons on the right ear cup that helps control the volume and change tracks/answer calls. There is also a dedicated voice assistant button and an LED indicator.

However, ladies do note, you might feel a tad bit uncomfortable after a while as the snug fit begins to press on the earrings just as this happens with most headphones. Nevertheless, the Blaupunkt BH-11 headphones offer a cozy, comfortable design that suits all types. The best part is that it's wireless that helps one move around without the tangling wires.

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones: Connectivity And Range

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones: Connectivity And Range

One of the most important aspects of a wireless headphone (or any wireless accessory) is its range. The Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones offer a wireless range of 10 meters, which is pretty good. Putting your phone on charge and listening to music on your wireless headphones won't be a problem here.

connectivity aspect

Coming to the connectivity aspect, the Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones tick all the right boxes. Firstly, the headphones pack Bluetooth 5.0 that enables it to easily connect with a smartphone and other Bluetooth-supported devices. The box also contains support cables like the 3.5mm audio cable and a micro USB charging cable.

Having a 3.55m audio cable helps in many ways. In case you wish to connect the headphones to your PC for that online class or video editing, the Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones have an answer for that. There's an added advantage for the audio cable as it enhances the audio quality for phone calls. I'll be discussing more about the phone call experience in detail.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Coming to the performance of the Blaupunkt BH-11, in simple words - it enhances your overall audio experience. One of the main reasons to get an over-ear headphone is for its capability to shun external noise. This pair of headphones is really good at it, despite not having an active noise cancellation feature. Traveling in the metro with music playback from these headphones will surely transport you to another world!

important feature to highlight

An important feature to highlight here is the Eqz Turbo Bass that further enhances the overall audio experience. The Blaupunkt BH-11 also includes HD sound, which further amplifies the playback. Combined together, every beat and tone is well balanced for that rich audio experience. For the asking price, having Turbo Bass and HD sound are certainly added benefits.

Also, I noticed that the Blaupunkt BH-11 gives you an immersive experience, even at a low volume. If you're sitting in a relatively silent room without much environmental noise, you can enjoy the audio output at a relatively low volume. This also means those who like their volume high will have a lot to explore with the BH-11 wireless headphones.

Phone Call Performance: A Disappointment

Phone Call Performance: A Disappointment

As much as I loved the audio experience on the Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones, I can't say the same for my experience with phone calls. I made a few phone calls via the Bluetooth mode and the receiver could barely make out my voice. While the other person's audio was crystal clear, my voice was distant with a slight buzzing sound.

network glitch

At first, I thought it could be a network glitch. However, attending phone calls without the headphones ruled this notion out. Contradictorily, when I connected the headphone to the phone via the 3.5mm audio cable, the calls become much clearer. My voice was as it should be - crystal clear!

This brings us to a couple of factors to bear in mind - not all smartphones have a 3.5mm audio jack these days. And most headphones/earbuds connected via the Bluetooth face a similar glitch. In case you have a smartphone with an audio jack, use it for phone calls. In case you don't, you might have some trouble as I did!

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Battery: Standard Performance

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Battery: Standard Performance

The BH-11 wireless headphones pack a 450 mAh polymer battery, which the company claims can last up to 24 hours for music playback and up to 20 hours for talk time. This depends on a couple of factors like the volume, Bluetooth mode, and so on. My experience with the headphones fairly syncs with the company claims.

It also takes roughly more than three hours to fully charge the wireless headphones. A red LED indicator flares up while charging, which turns blue once it's fully charged. When the battery is pretty low, you can hear a low-beep sound, indicating that the headphones need charging. All in all, the battery of the headphones is pretty satisfactory.

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Verdict: Worth Every Dime

Blaupunkt BH-11 Wireless Headphones Verdict: Worth Every Dime

Yes, the Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones are worth every dime of Rs. 2,099. There are several headphones available in the market; however, the BH-11 steals the show for its price tag and the features it offers for it. Turbo Bass, HD sound, wireless connectivity, and other such features are very promising.

The mic can be a bit of a drawback, but the 3.5mm audio jack makes up for it. Moreover, the battery performance is also satisfactory for the enhanced audio experience you get from it. To conclude, the Blaupunkt BH-11 wireless headphones make a brilliant choice for a distinctive audio experience without drilling a hole in your pocket!

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