5 Most Frequently Used Apps That Work Seamlessly With Apple’s Siri in India

Apple Siri’s support for third-party apps in iOS 10 offers a seamless hands-free experience.

One of the most prominent changes that Apple's iOS 10 brings along is Siri's support for third party apps. As long as functionality is concerned, Siri was very limited earlier. In fact, it used to work only with Apple's proprietary apps and services, thereby fairly lagging behind in the battle of Artificial Intelligence powered virtual assistants.

5 Most Frequently Used Apps That Work Seamlessly With Apple’s Siri

Despite the fact that Apple was one of the first (smartphone manufacturing) companies to have this tech at their disposal, the Cupertino tech-giant couldn't do much with it. As a result, other companies like Google have left behind the Apple in the race and are offering much more unprecedented functionalities.

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However, with the official roll out of iOS 10 things appear to change. Now, third-party apps can make use of Apple's Siri thereby making it more functional than it was ever before.

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Let's take a look at 5 most frequently used apps on your iPhone that can work seamlessly with the Siri. All you have to do is just ask Siri to finish a task.


There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on a daily basis. The IM app now allows you to send text messages or place voice calls just by asking Siri to do the same. So, instead of writing the text and sending them to your contacts the same old way, try giving voice commands to Siri to get things done. This feature can come in quite handy while you're driving.


Need a ride to the Airport urgently? Say "Get me a ride to the Airport" to Siri and you'll see a preview of the app in the Siri UI. Choose from the options and you're done. Additionally, you can track the car, call the driver, and more without even opening the app.


In addition to WhatsApp, you can send text messages to your LinkedIn contacts without even typing the message. All you have to do is say "Send a LinkedIn" message to XYZ along with the information you intend to share.


Searching for things you like on Pinterest has become easier now. Ask Siri to "Show me food photos from Pinterest" and all the pins that match your query will pop up on the screen.


Microsoft's Skype also allows you to send text messages or place VoIP calls to your contacts. It's quite a simple affair to use this feature Just say "Call XYZ on Skype" and the rest will be taken care of by Siri.

Note: For these apps to work with Siri, you'll have to give it access to all the apps you intend to use with it. To do this, head straight to Settings > Siri > App Support and give access.

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