Pokemon Go Gets Updated: Here are 6 New Features You Can Play With

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It won't be an exaggeration to say that Pokemon Go has lured millions of players all over the world since then last month. However, the popularity of the augmented reality game has faded away considerably over the past few weeks due to many reasons.

Pokemon Go Gets Updated: Here are 6 New Features You Can Play With

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Of course, the initial surge of internet among the players has taken a plunge, which is a common thing. But, there are other serious issues with Pokemon Go that are responsible for the waning popularity of the game.

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Niantic seems to have realized the same and it has brought about some new changes to the game by means of an update. Well, the game has received a new and enhanced tracking feature to find the nearby Pokemons. This feature is termed Sightings and it is right now under testing and it is working pretty well.

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Take a look at the updated Sightings feature and the others that the update has brought to Pokemon Go.

Get to know when a speciifc Pokemon is near you

The Sightings feature works without depending on the old Nearby tracker. With this update, PokeStops will let you know whenever a particular Pokemon is near you. Besides helping gamers by showing an image of the PokeStop highlighting the specific Pokemon, the feature also helps you navigate to the area.

No need to worry about the duplicate ones

With this update, you can focus all your energy on catching the specific Pokemon you want to catch as the feature will handle the duplicate ones all by itself.

Battery saving mode revisits iOS

There is a battery saving mode in Pokemon Go that helps the players prevent the battery drain on their smartphone as they have to be connected to the internet and GPS all the time while playing the game. While this feature was removed temporarily, it has again made a revisit to iOS. Notably, the company removed this feature to fix the bugs and the unresponsiveness of the game.

You can change the username once

With the latest update to Pokemon Go, you can change your username once if you are not happy with the initial designation.

Accuracy of curveballs has been improved

The update brings improvements to the accuracy of curveballs thrown while trying to catch a Pokemon.

Earn rewards as you throw

This feature was also removed from the app for temporary bug fixes. Now, it has come back once again and you can get rewards for throws such as Nice, Great, and Excellent. Even this feature was removed from the app as there were some bugs associated with it.

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