Google Allo: 6 Ways You Can Use the Assistant More Efficiently than WhatsApp

    People have been crazily downloading Google Allo in just afew hours of its release in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

    Google Allo: 6 Ways You Can Use the Assistant More Efficiently

    Giving a tough competition to our all time favorite chat app, WhatsApp, Allo is absolutely unique in its own way. It not only allows its users to chat like WhatsApp or other messaging apps, but also helps them make plans for an outing, book a flight, play games, and so much more. Thanks to the Google Assistant in the Allo.

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    Allo, being the first home for Google Assistant has injected a smart AI into any text message conversation, which is proving to be a neat trick for any chat app. All the user needs to do is type "@google" in the chat box in any conversation to call it up.

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    There are several features that differentiate Allo from any other chat app, but we at GIZBOT have gathered a few of the best ones which you should absolutely try without fail.

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    With Allo, Users can Book a Flight

    Conversing with a friend on Allo and a sudden plan for a trip. Need to book a flight ticket? You can do the needful with Allo and are not required to switch to a different website.

    Ensure that you have given the Assistant access to your location, and just type something on like that of the lines of "I need to fly to [put the destination here]. Allo will automatically pull up a list of upcoming flight from your location to the destination as entered by you.

    Set a Reminder With Allo

    With Allo, the user can never be late for any meet or work. Just set a reminder. All you need to do is, update the Assistant with the day and time of your meeting, and you are

    After you tell Assistant about you meeting, you'll receive a notification that a reminder has been set for that the mentioned time.

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    Hungry and Can Decide What to Eat? Allo Will Solve Your Problem

    Unable to decide on where to go for lunch? Tell the Allo Assistant about your taste and the type of food you like to eat and say "I'm hungry", it will provide you with the list of restaurants serving your favorite food out there in your area.

    From the next time you don't have to repeat your food preference, as the Assistant will store it and will guide you on the same the next time.

    Bored? Allo Also Allows You to Play Interesting Games

    Bored of messaging? Here you can also play interesting games when using Allo. The app also allows the user to play games of Emoji Movies or Emoji Riddle either alone or can also compete with their friends.

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    Check Your Email Being Online on Allo

    There are times when we are just too lazy to check if we have got an important email or not, but in case you are chatting with a friend on Allo, you can simply check your email without opening the email app.

    The user just has to tell the Assistant "Show me my emails" and you are there!


    Share Video With Friends Without Going to A Separate Browser

    Going back to a browser, copying a link, and coming back to copy, paste and send a video link to a friend is such a hassle. However, Allo makes your life easier and simpler.

    All the user need to do is say "@google [The name of the video, For instance-Kings of Leon Waste a Moment]" in a conversation and the Assistant will plop the music video right down in the chat automatically.

    Shocked how you thought it to be a mere chat app and can do so much on a single platform? Thank the Google Assistant behind it !

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