WhatsApp Users are Being Tricked into Sending Message by a Scam

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In the past, you might have seen or read about the scam messages circulating in WhatsApp. Now again, according to the latest reports, hoax messages have been floating around in the messaging app, suggesting that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will soon start charging for their services.

WhatsApp Users are Being Tricked into Sending Message by a Scam

On the other hand, while similar messages have been seen before in 2016, it has re-emerged again in 2017 targeting users by informing them that unless they forward the message to 10 contacts, they will have to pay a charge of 0.01ps per message.

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The message also informs that when you send the message the light would turn blue and that if you do not forward the message then facebook would start billing you.

Analyzing the whole situation, one factor related to the hoax messages continuously appearing in WhatsApp could be the popularity factor of the app. It is one of the most popular messaging app used by billions around the world. So scammers or cyber criminals are taking advantage of this popularity and sending scam and hoax messages to reach a vast number of people.

WhatsApp Users are Being Tricked into Sending Message by a Scam

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However, there doesn't seem to be any danger to those participating in the hoax, except for wasting their time. And, you can be assured that no such charges will be levied as WhatsApp has already announced that it won't charge its users, while Facebook also keeps its services free to its users.

Experts have warned to delete and ignore such messages instead of forwarding it to others.


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