Microsoft Surface RT tablet to have poor battery

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Microsoft Surface RT tablet to have poor battery

Microsoft announced the Surface tablets early this week. Strangely, the software giant has revealed many critical specifications of the new tablets. This leads to two different conclusions. One is that they know a glimpse of the hardware components and are not thorough with it and the other is that they have not finalized some of the hardware components.

The RT version of the Microsoft Surface tablet is expected to be a rival to the Apple's New iPad. We have already seen a comparison of Microsoft Surface RT and new iPad. The details about the battery of the Surface are not known. As per the estimates of Computerworld, the battery in Surface is expected to be poorer than the one in new iPad.

As per the specifications on the Microsoft site, the Windows RT version of Surface runs on a 31.4 Wh rating battery which is 10 Wh less when compared to the one in the Windows 8 Pro version. This is acceptable as the latter is powered by Ivy Bridge processor that is more power hungry. When comparing RT Surface and new iPad, the Apple tablet runs a 42.5 Wh rated battery that has a stronger life. In simple words, Apple new iPad can last around 10 hours while Surface can last only around 7 hours.

The Surface Pro cannot be compared with the Apple tablet as it is designed to compete with the Ultrabooks. If we compare the remarkable Apple Macbook Air (with 35 Wh rated battery) and the Surface Pro version, the latter will have 20% more battery capacity. So, the Microsoft Surface Pro should last longer.

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