Angry Birds Star Wars New Trailer Teases Millennium Falcon Twist [VIDEO]

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Angry Birds Star Wars New Trailer Teases Millennium Falcon Twist [VIDEO]

The popularity of Star Wars seems to be too irresistible for game developers. Recently several companies have been found licensing the movie franchise for boosting sales.

First it was Microsoft, which licensed the franchise for its Xbox 360.Then came Motorola which took aid from the popular movie for the company’s DROID 2. The latest addition to the list is Rovio, game developer known for its Angry Birds series of games. The latest teaser released for Angry Birds Star Wars points in this direction. 

The teaser video for Angry Birds Star Wars features a small section from A New Hope where Han Solo is found explaining to Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi that his Millennium Falcon had caused the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. In the following frames, an Angry Birds version of the Millennium Falcon can be seen which seems to be having trouble reaching the light speed. The ship in the end gets there by using a familiar slingshot. 

George Lucas had wrongly communicated that parsec is unit of time in the original Star Wars movie. Rovio has not taken a step to correct it and has blindly followed the belief set by Lucas. The fact remains that Parsec is a unit of distance and not time. 

However these technicalities are merely ramblings from Star Wars fans who have taken notice of smallest details in the movie. Angry Birds Star Wars is a light hearted game and small factual errors are acceptable. 

The new game is expected to release on November 8. As of now there is no hardly any other information available about the game. According to game analysts, Angry Birds Star Wars could become the most successful Angry Birds game ever released. We will have to wait and see whether this claim will prove to be true. In the meantime you can watch the teaser from here.

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