Fable: Microsoft's New Action Game for Xbox 360 Kinect launched at Rs 2,599

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Fable: Microsoft's New Action Game for Xbox 360 Kinect launched at Rs 2,599

Microsoft has unveiled a new adventurous game for Xbox 360 Kinect users, labeled Fable: the journey. This game, exclusively designed for Xbox 360 consoles can help any user become a super hero. A full game action play is guaranteed with this new version coming out to the users soon. The new game is being developed by Lionhead studios. 

The setting of this game makes it interesting. Users can assume the role of Gabriel who is given the mandate to help out the character of Theresa who has been a regular character in the games developed by Lionhead. What follows is an epic struggle where Gabriel is on one side and some of the dangerous enemies are on the other side.

The battle has everything – action, magic, chase sequences, dangerous terrains, and horse ride. As users fight through in the shoes of Gabriel, they will learn the art of using ‘magic’ as a weapon to fight with the enemies as well as solve puzzles in their pursuit of success in the imaginary land of Albion. 

In this action packed game, the other interesting character is horse. Users who can take care of the horse and ride it well are given extra points. Users can use Kinect controls to do any kind of action ranging from blocking enemy’s attacks as well as controlling the rein of the horse. The feature worth mentioning in this game is the magic ‘spell crafting’ mode. 

This gives almost a real-time magical experience to users by which they can just draw spells and then use them to fight with enemies. With these ‘magical spells’ they can create anything like shields, hammer and spears. This game is designed for those users who want hardcore gaming experience as they have to use all possible Kinect control to move through this action packed terrain. 

Users can have this new game, Fable: the Journey in gaming stores for Rs 2,599. You can buy the same from Microsoft store too. 

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