The Unusual Story Behind Modder N64 Dual Analog Gaming Controllers

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The Unusual Story Behind Modder N64 Dual Analog Gaming Controllers

Modder N64 can be considered as one of the rarest prototypes of gaming controllers that the gaming industry has ever witnessed. Here is the story behind N64 ‘2 in1’ controller. 

A hardcore fan of the Star Wars games chopped of and joined a pair of N64 controllers together for having a dual-analog play of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and Golden Eye. It is one of the rarest inventions that have simplified the functionality of using two N64 controllers by conjoining it in to one. 

It is made possible by entering a code on the menu. With this code, it is possible to plug two controllers in to a single console thereby controlling control each of the engines independently from one console


Most of the users were raising complaints about the inconvenience caused by dual N64 controllers. This resulted in an increase in demand for conjoining the controllers in to a single unit. The project was made a reality by taking off the D-pad section of one controller and the action button section of the other controller.

This was followed by adjoining of the two controllers which created a unique prototype. The newly developed design was found to function perfectly with games such as Goldeneye 64, classic shooter etc. Meanwhile, the product is still in its developmental stages and is expected to become a huge success upon its release.

 Key Specs

Now for those users who are not familiar with the features and specifications of N64 controller, it is a wired gaming controller having a very much portable weight of 2.43lbs. The product has a dimension of 2.87 x 10.24 x 7.48 inches. The online features present in this gaming product include multiplayer gaming and internet browsing.

It uses a cartridge game format with video outputs such as Antenna/RF, RCA/Composite and S-Video. The device also features an external power adapter for charging. It has an inbuilt RAM capacity of 4MB. It is currently available at a price tag of around Rs. 17,000.

The gaming enthusiasts will have to wait and watch, to see how this rare prototype of N64 controllers manages to impress gamers all across the world.

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