The great TV battle: Will Samsung survive LG OLED's torrent

A comparison of design, various features, and technology incorporated in the best TVs in the world, Samsung Frame TV and LG OLED Signature W7.

    Samsung announced the launch of The Frame TV globally last week and Switzerland as well as Norway will be the first two countries where the roll out will start initially. France, Germany, South Korea, Austria, Belgium and the US will benefit from the release in the coming week. While it has been only few days since Samsung announced The Frame TV, now LG another major player in the consumer electronic domain has unveiled its new OLED Signature W7 TV which is also being referred to as the wallpaper TV.

    While LG's flagship OLED Signature W7 along with several of its subsequent variants was launched in India on Wednesday, it is set to go up against Samsung's recently announced The frame TV. It will be interesting to see how the two match up.

    The great TV battle: Will Samsung survive LG OLED's torrent

    In any case, LG's OLED range has received a great response from consumers and critics throughout the globe which has enabled it to establish a fetching market for the product.
    It looks like Samsung's Frame TV will have to hustle its way through to consumers. Here is a basic comparison between the two products.


    Samsung plans to organize launch events for The Frame TV at art museums or galleries in every country to better impart the features of its design to potential consumers. The Frame TV is a unique product that has been designed not only to its purpose but also to to enhance the ambiance. Coming to LG OLED Signature W7, this TV sports a 2.57 mm panel that makes it unbelievably slim. When first introduced at CES Vegas 2017, OLED W7 was a major head turner.

    The Frame TV has an ingenious design and Samsung's no wall gap mount and invisible connections make it look like a picture frame. To add up to its likeliness to a picture frame Samsung has installed brightness sensors on the TV which enables it to sense the ambient light and blend with it. The Frame TV which comes in two sizes 55-inches and 65-inches has a feature namely Art Mode feature.

    The Art Mode feature enables users display work of art when the TV is on standby mode. Samsung will also offer consumers to choose a custom frame for the product. The "frame" gives the Frame TV an unlikely resemblance to a framed picture.
    LG's OLED W7 on the other hand has a similar feature but it does not function in standby mode. OLED Signature W7 also does not have wireless connectivity as well.


    The Frame TV is an Ultra High Definition TV that comes with three frame options viz Walnut, Oak and White. Motion detectors on the TV automatically puts it on power saving mode when no one's around and turns it back on when someone is. Compared to the Frame TV, LG's OLED W7, as the name suggests, is an Organic LED TV. LG proudly boasts the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technology incorporated in OLED range of products. OLED Signature W7 also claims to offer the best dynamic range ever seen on a TV. It also has deeper blacks and better response time.

    Both the TVs offer voice command as well as gesture controls and the remote device for both of them are not so different. LG's latest Web OS 3.5 incorporated on OLED range gives users a better control of online apps while simultaneously enhancing their experience.


    While LG's OLED is an innovative television that is first of its kind, Samsung's Frame TV is rather an art that not only gives users a great TV watching experience but also doubles as an art display. In fact the Frame TV is a piece of art itself.

    LG's OLED will attract customers who want a great entertainment system with unmatched technology and quality offering an innovative solution.

    Both the televisions promise a never seen before quality and easy accessibility. However, LG is still ahead in the game with all its resources employed in offering users the best overall quality. Samsung, which has been launched recently, has a really tough competition ahead.

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