Laptops to soon be banned from check-in luggage in flights

The international aviation agencies seem to give priority to passenger safety.


Since the past few months, we have been coming across several cases of personal electronic gadgets such as smartphones catching fire during flight. Earlier this week, we came across the news about a Galaxy J7 smartphone that emitted smoke in a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Indore.

Laptops to soon be banned from check-in luggage in flights

In a move to prioritize passenger safety, the international aviation agencies have started banning the large personal electronic devices (PEDs) such as laptops in the check-in bags as the battery might go undetected in the same. According to a report by Times of India, this is a move to prevent these devices catching fire.

As per the report, the batteries used in such large devices like laptops in a suitcase is prone to catching fire. In that case, if the aircraft's fire suppression system is compromised, then it could lead to the loss of the aircraft that is tragic. When such devices are in the hand baggage, the cabin crew members are trained to handle the fire caused by PEDs as soon as the passengers notice smoke coming out of the bag in which the device is kept in.

The reason for banning the personal electronic devices in the check-in luggage is because if any device catches fire in the cargo of an aircraft, the cabin crew will not get to know about the same until the fire spreads and the alters in the cockpit ring. It will become too late to control the situation and there will no access to the cargo too. On the other hand, if such devices are in the cabin, there will be many people who might notice the smoke and the crew can bring things under control pretty quickly.

The international aviation agencies have considered the idea of banning big PEDs in the check-in bags. Once the decision is taken by any of the leading aviation agencies, India will also follow suit, claims a senior DGCA official. Already, power banks, e-cigarettes and mobile charges are banned from check-in baggage in the country.

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