Google's Project Ara Likely To Debut This Fall: Here are 5 reasons to be excited about it

    Google had teased its modular phone a couple of years back, and there were so many things to get excited about. Consumers finally had dreams of actually assembling a phone for them, by them.

    The company has announced that their modular phone Project Ara would be available to developers later this fall. The LG G5 is just the tip of the iceberg, as many manufacturers will jump in on the opportunity to meet consumer demands of fully customizing their devices in every way.

    So let's find out how the platform can change the mobile industry and why we need it.

    Here are 5 reasons to be excited about Google's Project Ara


    Project Ara aims to bring in different manufacturers to supply modules or individual pieces of hardware that snap onto the phone casings. Any major brand can bring in their high-end camera, audio, battery or display technology and introduce them as modules for the phone.

    Here are 5 reasons to be excited about Google's Project Ara

    It's all in the choice

    Consumers hate it when they have a lot of options to choose from. They just can't decide on which device to go for. With modular phones, they can choose the device they need from the hardware that they want.

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    Here are 5 reasons to be excited about Google's Project Ara

    Endless possibilities

    There could be as many as 15 modular slots in your phone. There are endless possibilities of the way you want to design your module case and the hardware that goes in.

    Here are 5 reasons to be excited about Google's Project Ara

    Ease of service

    If any Android device ends up getting damaged, we give up the entire device to the service centers to get it fixed. But with modular phones, it only will require you to remove the faulty module and replace it with a new one.

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    Here are 5 reasons to be excited about Google's Project Ara

    Easy upgrade

    Tired of having a slower RAM? Wish you had Quad HD screen? Want to expand your storage? No worries, as the modular phone can upgrade your hardware with just a few snaps.

    Project Ara was previously called 'Phonebloks' and is the brainchild of Dave Hakkens. It received widespread social coverage and later the idea was taken over by Google. Watch the video to know more.

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