6 reasons your smartphone battery is draining quickly

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The major concern for smartphone users would be the battery life, be it an iPhone or Android device. It is known that the smartphone battery life will degrade with usage but if your phone is getting power hungry, then you need to figure out what's wrong.

6 reasons your smartphone battery is draining quickly

The battery drain in smartphones are not only due to faulty batteries or any other hardware issues but also due to extensive usage. If you are not a heavy smartphone user, and your phone's battery seems to be uncooperative, then you need to make sure that you find out the reason for the battery drain and resolve the issue to get a better user experience.

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Below, we have listed some possible reasons that your smartphone's battery is draining way too quickly. Do scroll down to know these reasons.

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Extremely bright screen

The screen brightness is one of the main reasons for battery drain in smartphones. If you set the screen brightness too high, then you are killing your smartphone's battery unknowingly. You need to keep the screen brightness low or set it to automatic mode. Also, make sure you set the screen turn off time to the minimum. This is the time that your smartphone's display takes to turn off after you use it.

Having Wi-Fi turned on

Using Wi-Fi is undoubtedly the best way to reduce your mobile bill but make sure it is turned on only when there is a Wi-Fi network available. If there is no network and the option is turned on, then your smartphone will constantly search for a network. This will consume a lot of power.

Apps running in the background

The battery drain could be caused due to apps those are running in the background. You can check the same from the Settings menu. Many apps are likely to stay active in the background thereby consuming a lot of the battery power when they are not in use.

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Battery management apps

You might have installed the battery or power management apps on your smartphone to make sure that you reduce the battery drain. Unknowingly, you are increasing the load on your battery and overusing it with these apps.

Data syncing

One of the reasons for battery drain is the automatic syncing of apps. You might have enabled automatic backup or syncing of photos that will consume a lot of the battery life and data as well.

Outdated software

The manufacturers roll out OS updates for a reason. The updates can bring in bug fixes that might resolve your battery drain issue. If you are running an outdated version of the OS, then you fail to get the much needed battery drain fix.

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