Samsung foldable phone likely showcased privately at CES 2018

Samsung’s foldable smartphone made a secret presence at the CES 2018 tech show and is believed to be launched with the in-folding design in the next year. What’s your opinion on this?

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At the recently concluded CES 2018 tech show, Samsung unveiled a slew of products such as TVs, laptops, computers, and home appliances. In addition to these, it looks like Samsung showcased its foldable smartphones to it clients privately. It is reported that the company has reportedly showcased smartphones with fold-in and fold-out design at the private meeting. There are claims that the company might initially unveil the smartphone with fold-in design and that its production will debut in November.

Samsung foldable phone likely showcased privately at CES 2018

An ETNews report states that the in-folding smartphone design will have a drastic curvature rate than the out-folding design. And, it is said that the out-folding design is considered as the most advanced technology as of now.

Well, this is not the first time that Samsung is claimed to have shown the foldable smartphone at a private conference. Even in the last year, the company was alleged to have secretly shown a foldable smartphone at the MWC 2017 tech show. Also, there are claims that the device shown at the CES 2018 conference is an upgraded variant of the one that was shown in the last year. In the private meeting, Samsung is believed to have invited different types of clients in order to estimate the response of customers to such devices.

The report citing the information revealed by one of the exhibitors present in the private meeting at CES 2018 states that the Samsung foldable smartphone will have a 7.3-inch foldable OLED display. It is believed to feature a fold-in design with a bendable curvature of 1R while the model featuring the fold-out design might have a curvature of 5R. These foldable smartphones might not feature a glass panel but polymer OLED.

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It suggests that both the foldable smartphones can be folded just like a sheet of paper. The downside of such devices is that the curvature implementation is tough to achieve and devices with such foldable screens are prone to damage if they are dropped accidentally. However, the R&D team at Samsung is claimed to have dropped these devices around 20 million times a day to ensure that these foldable smartphones are durable.

Going by the recent reports, the Samsung foldable smartphone will not be unveiled before 2019 and that the production will debut later this year. We have also seen Samsung patents tipping that the company is in plans to bring about phones with displays that can extend to the rear covering both the sides or one side or the bottom edge. Even Apple is likely to be working on a foldable smartphone in an attempt to compete with Samsung.

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